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Due to troubled finances many home owners face repossession of property. 

When you miss a mortgage payment, you will usually be notified by a letter from your mortgage company reminding you to make the payment. Repossession of your home often comes about because of frequently missed mortgage payments. If a mortgage lender is claiming repossession of your home, there are a few things you can do to try and prevent the finalised repossession of your property

First of all, check if there are any benefits that you are entitled to. If you are out of work or are not working due to health problems, you might be eligible for mortgage interest support (SMI) which could help you to pay back your mortgage debt.

After receiving a repossession notice, there will be a period of time before your property is repossessed. You should use this time to seek advice. With the right legal advice, there might be a way to extend your mortgage term or receive a suspended possession orderLegal advice can be expensive however, so check whether you are eligible for free legal aid or alternatively, seek help from citizens advice


How We Can Help

Alternatively, you could opt for a quick home sale, to receive a cash payment on your property and pass the responsibility of your house repossession on to quick home buying company. 

At Midland Home Buyers, we can help stop repossession of your home in its tracks. If you are currently going through the legal repossession process and are wondering how to stop repossession, we can help.

We can stop house repossession by offering you a quick house sale on your property. In exchange, we will give you a full cash payment for the property. Simply by following our quick and easy process, you can save your credit and get your life back on track fast. Since selling a house with estate agents can be a long process, a quick sale is the best solution if you are facing house repossession.

Once your property is passed on to us, we will take responsibility for the repossession proceedings and the mortgage arrears attached to the property. Any legal costs or fees will also be covered by us and if court action has been taken against you, we will be available to attend a court hearing with you if required.

There are many reasons a property might be repossessed including health problems or financial problems due to low income. Our team are entirely empathetic to the circumstances that might have led to your house being repossessed. We’ll offer you professional guidance and expert advice every step of the way. Whatever your circumstances or financial situation – we are here to offer repossession help in any way we can.

We are able to help no matter how far into the house repossession process you are – even if you've received a repossession order or are facing threats of repossession or eviction. Our team know the legal repossession process inside out and can help you to get the best outcome as well as offering free advice along the way.

For more information about how we can help stop home repossession, get in contact with us today.

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