Frequently Asked Questions

How quick is the process at Midland Home Buyers?
The quick sale process entirely depends on you. It all depends on how fast you want to sell your house - we can make a sale happen within a week. Sometimes, when homeowners are faced with the threat of eviction, we can issue a contract, which is legally binding to help you solve your repossession problems.

When should I leave my home after I sell it?
We are here to help you avoid being homeless.  We can give you free advice and help to arrange very flexible and convenient terms, including the length of time you are able to stay in your home even after the sale. It is possible for you stay for 6 months or more if you choose to.

What kind of properties do you buy & are there any qualifications and conditions?
We buy any type of property across the UK. Whether commercial or residential, owned or tenanted.  The property can be of any condition; you do not even need to worry about making any repairs or renovation to your house.

I need to release the equity in my property urgently. Can you help me?      
Releasing the equity in your property has never been easier.  Whatever your circumstances, our quick house sale process can help you.

Will you give me a fair price for my home?
Most definitely yes! We will assess your home for its market value, and we will offer you a price that is slightly discounted from the market price. This is of course considering that we are offering you a guaranteed sale - fast, and in cash.

What are the charges for the quick house sale services?
The quick house sale service is FREE of charge. There are no hidden payments or obligations.  We will give you the best service and take care of all the legal paperwork and charges.  You are welcome to engage your own solicitors, and their fees for the transaction will also be paid to you.

Are there any obligations or any catches that I should know about?
There are absolutely no obligations on your part.  There are also no catches as the entire process is transparent - every step will be monitored by us and reported to you.

Will my estate agent mind if I sell my house with you?
Obviously your estate agent will not pleased that they are potentially losing 2 - 3% in commission, but if you do not have a sole agency agreement with them you are free to sell your house the way you see fit.  

Will I get a proper valuation of my property?
With Midland Home Buyers you have the benefit of fast, accurate and FREE estimates. Our experts are aware of the latest market trends and developments; therefore they can help you get a very fair valuation of your property. You can have your property valued today by simply calling us on our freephone number, or completing the form on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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